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Why responsive website design ?

responsive website design

The days when internet could be accessed only through a computer are long behind us. In the present times, internet can be accessed through a number of devices like smart phones, tablets, iPad, and laptops, etc. These devices have made it very easy to browse through the internet no matter wherever you are. Due to the increasing use of such devices with varied screen sizes, the digital marketing practice of responsive website designing has gained prominence.

Idea Behind the Responsive Design:

In a normal web design, the users find it difficult to view a website clearly on their mobile devices, because the purpose is to serve a desktop screen. Here, the user may leave the website soon. But, in case of a responsive one, the site runs properly on any device and the user can get full access using the small screen. When it comes to a redesigning the website, it hardly needs some hundred to a few thousands of dollars. But, the key to success is user experience. It is clear that the future is mobile and it's a challenge for the business owners to capture the mobile visitors.

responsive website design

The following are some reasons your business should not ignore this hot new trend anymore.

1 - Smartphones and tablets could possibly take the place of PCs - Sales in 2013 of tablets are expected to top 100 million, while sales for PCs are expected to be lower than before. Today's market is slowly shifting toward mobile devices that are lightweight, small and easy to use. This shift creates for businesses a need to adopt email and web content that can be easily used on these devices. Responsive Design allows you to create websites that will look fabulous no matter what device your customers use to access your page.

2 - Many different operating systems can be used to engage with apps - The times when you had to download apps to your phone are quickly coming to an end. Today web designers are going more with responsive design to create web apps for mobile devices. The benefits are that mobile apps can be created to work on any platform with little investment. Rather than having to design apps for download to various operating systems, then having the task of sending out updates, companies are starting to use responsive design to make webpages become a mobile app. It will function the same for customers, which saves money and time for your business.

responsive website design

3 - Monitor and window size always affects what your audience sees - Internet marketers and web designers make a fuss over what their customers see when they go to a website or open an email. It may be important for conversion rates to place calls to action above the fold. By using responsive design, the buttons, headlines and content will be easily seen by the reader, and will show up regardless of what device, monitor size or window size they use.

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