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Things That You Will Start To Loose W​hen You Are Not Having A Mobile Friendly Website

With the number of mobile users continuing to increase, your company is at a great disadvantage by lacking a responsive or any type of mobile friendly website. Take a look at what you might be missing out on!

1. Low Visitors to Your Site

We know how much mobile and other device usage have skyrocketed compared to desktop recently. Therefore, its no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing is important. Its an era where Internet users are migrating from desktop to mobile or devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, then the visits to the site will be less when compared to the previous years. Although users may continue to go to your site, the likelihood of users staying to read through your non-mobile friendly site will be lower.

2. Low Organic Traffic

There is a very specific reason why the organic traffic will be less. Google is adding mobile user experience to its ranking algorithm. Since Google can see what users are seeing from your website and if that is a bad experience, it may impact your rankings.

The pages that are not seen as mobile friendly, will not be considered for rank in smart phones. If you want to avoid these issues, you should consider optimizing your website by making it responsive and mobile-friendly.

3. Loose to Your Competitors in Site Ranking

Competition on the web is fierce. Your competitors are already leveraging mobile specific traffic strategy with their mobile friendly websites.

A new business with mobile friendly website can beat the competition by driving mobile traffic if its competitors are not on mobile. Its important to stay ahead of your competitors, especially when its growing fast!

When you’re deciding to upgrade or redesign your website, think about the power of mobile. The use of mobile devices isn’t going to decrease, but in fact, continue to expand.

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