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How people view websites ? Facts that you should know.

When designers and marketers look at websites they are building they are not behaving as the intended user of that site. They are not interested in buying; they are not interested in finding more information. They are most likely making decisions on a site filled with “lorem ipsum” based on their personal tastes.

15 facts that you should know on how people view websites

1.Text attracts more attention than pictures.

2.People start viewing your website from the top left corner.

3.Readers ignore banners. Surprise, suprise.

4.Fancy fonts are ignored.

5.People only scan the lower parts of your website.

6.Short paragraphs work better than long ones.

7.Ads, that are placed on the top or left part of your website, get the most views.

8.Ads, that are placed inside or below an awesome piece of content, get more views.

9.Big pictures attract more attention than small ones.

10.Also headlines draw attention.

11.Visitors spend more time looking at menus and buttons than other parts of your website.

12.Lists are better at keeping your reader focused than large paragraphs.

13.Some people even completely ignore large chunks of text.

14.White space is good!

15.Menu works best when placed in the top part of your website.

+5 Facts on How People View Mobile Websites

1.Reader’s attention is focused more on the top left corner of a screen.

2.Keep your content short & simple. Reading long paragraphs needs concentration, which is something that mobile users don’t have.

3.Users pay most attention on the top 2/3 of the screen.

4.Mobile phone users absorb visuals more than text or content. (But if an image doesn’t supplement your content, you can do away with it).

5.Short, but hard-hitting headlines draw more attention. Make your headlines count.

There you go. Some points from this list are pretty basic and elementary, but a good reminder never hurts. So the next time when you’re writing an awesome piece of content or building your new website, keep these points in mind. You now have the knowledge – use it!

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